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A way to enjoy more accurate premiums and eliminate larger down payments, year-end audit adjustments, and monthly installment fees

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Are You Tired Of The Same Hassles?

  • Paying your workers’ compensation premiums based on estimated payroll? 
  • The cash flow demand it has on your company?
  • The time you spend with workers compensation carriers auditing the program after the policy has ended

Our SyncPay service features a cutting-edge Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation and Insurance Premium Calculation system. Workers compensation premiums are paid based on actual payroll figures.

We will work with your current payroll vendor or set you up with a new one! SyncPay offers policyholders the ability to monitor their workers compensation premiums like never before. Pay as you go workers compensation eliminates the need for costly year-end audits and allows you to keep your company moving forward instead of dealing with the hassle.

Simplify to Grow

SyncPay’s System Offers Multiple Benefits

  • Accurate calculation of workers compensation premiums based on current payroll – no estimating.
  • Eliminate large down payments and large installment payments.
  • Eliminate monthly checks or monthly installment fees.
  • Eliminate year-end audit adjustments.

Pay your workers compensation premiums with weekly EFT debits.

Yes, it is easy to use, no hassle, no large down payment, no audit to worry about.

We even have a solution for Mass risk pool clients!


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