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A way to enjoy more accurate premiums and eliminate larger down payments, year-end audit adjustments, and monthly installment fees

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Paygo Workers Compensation

Create A New Reality

Are You Tired Of The Same Hassles?

  • Trouble estimating annual payroll
  • Cash flow disruptions
  • Complicated and time-consuming premium audits

Our SyncPay service features a cutting-edge Pay-As-You-Go workers compensation and Insurance Premium Calculation system. Workers compensation premiums are paid based on actual payroll figures.

We will work with your current payroll vendor or set you up with a new one! SyncPay offers policyholders the ability to monitor their workers compensation premiums like never before. Pay-as-you-go workers compensation eliminates year-end audit balance surprises and allows you to keep your company moving forward instead of dealing with the hassle.

Simplify to Grow

SyncPay’s System Offers Multiple Benefits

  • Accurate calculation of workers compensation premiums based on current payroll – no estimating.
  • Eliminate large down payments and large installment payments.
  • Eliminate monthly checks or monthly installment fees.
  • Eliminate year-end audit adjustments.
  • Automated weekly checking account debits.



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