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Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Comp is mandatory insurance for companies with at least one employee.


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Workers Compensation Insurance in Rhode Island

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Accidents happen even at the safest workplaces with the most vigilant staff. In the event that your employees are injured on the job, Workers’ Compensation insurance provides medical benefits, income benefits, death benefits and rehabilitation benefits. Accidental injuries, death resulting from the accident as well as occupational diseases unique to the occupation are covered. Our team will work to ensure you and your employees are protected in case an accident or illness does occur on the job.

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Do you know what an experience modification is? Do you understand how it’s calculated? Do you know what it is costing you? Your experience modification can have a profound impact on your insurance premium. We can help give you a better understanding on how it all works.

Let Smyth Business Solutions provide you with a complimentary experience modification review today. Our review will pinpoint the cost drivers of your current workers’ compensation premiums and claims to identify loss control solutions to save you money.


Smyth Business Solutions wants to be your insurance partner. We will assist in identifying activities that drive claim frequency and severity, and implement an action plan to contain losses. In addition, we can help identify training needs and provide assistance to actively address loss sources and promote a safe work environment for your employees.


There are numerous rules and regulations that govern your workers’ compensation insurance program. Smyth Business Solutions will provide you the assistance to meet your compliance obligations, such as OSHA reporting and analysis capabilities, state statute overviews, and return to work programs. In addition, we will keep you up-to-date on laws and regulations that affect you and your insurance program.

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